Discover Pootle


Powerful online editor

Integrating user suggestions, terminology, Translation Memory, Machine Translation, and more.

Offline or Online

Translators work online or can download files and translate offline if online speeds are an issue. We recommend Virtaal for offline translation.

Focus on quality

Ensuring the best quality localizations by automatically detecting common errors made by translators.

Machine Translation

Use Machine Translation from Google or Apertium.

Translation Memory

Find closely related translations from your previous work to save time and ensure consistency across your work.


Built-in terminology suggestions ensure consistent translations.

History of changes

See who and how translations changed over time to correct errors and spot common mistakes.


Make suggestions or review suggestions from your community or from less experienced translators.


Quickly lookup words and phrases in Wikipedia and other online resources.


Community localization

The best translators of your software are you users. Pootle allows your users to help you build great products.

Multiple projects in one place

One platform for translating all your projects. Reduce the confusion of formats and methods to one simple web platform for all your translators.

Proven track record

Translate brings over a decade experience in software and community localization. Not only are you getting a great tool, but tapping into our expertise.

Deployment options

Hosted, Custom deployment, Supported or just deploying on your own. Translate can help you with all and any of your deployment needs.

Fully Open

We aren't just proud of our Open Source heritage and software. We develop Pootle in an open fashion on public lists and value the contributions of all our users. And no, we don't need or want you to sign your rights over to us.

World focused

Translate helps all languages, minority languages and languages across the globe. Our track record covers Africa, Asia, South America, minority languages and widely spoken languages. Minority languages of Europe, and of course the global languages.


Multiple file formats

Localisation happens in many different file formats, Pootle allows you to use many different formats. You don't need to change your system and translators have one consistent interface.

Add your own formats

Do you have a custom format or is one missing? Simply add it to Pootle's format support or engage Translate to do it for you.

Fully supported

Translate has been supporting Pootle users for almost a decade. You can rely on our long standing commitment to localisation and experience working across the globe.

Version Control integration

Delegate to your translators and allow them to commit directly to your version control systems.


Pootle can easily be adapted and integrated into your existing web look and feel.

Open Source

Open Source by design. Pootle has always been open and we value the contributions of many users. This gives you peace of mind that the software will always be available to you.


Adapt Pootle behaviour through event hooks. A number of events can be intercepted with your own customized code.


Customise the translator and administrator action with your own custom commands. You can empower your community allowing them to execute language pack builds, or any other automation.


Communicate with your translators via notices on the project dashboard or via email, all from within Pootle.

Translation Memory

Use Translate's public Translation Memory server for your Open Source projects or run your own Amagama TM server for private TM.

Project instructions

Make it easy for teams to know what to do with instructions that you can write using Markdown or other simple formating.

Administration dashboard

Feel the heartbeat of your community localization through the admin dashboard. Also get a quick update of changes needed to Pootle to ensure it runs optimally and securely.


Build and share your company and product terminology with translators to ensure consistency.

Static pages

Create your own static pages with information such as policies. Or link to external pages in a simple integrated fashion.

Legal pages

If you require contributors to agree to privacy policies or contributor license agreements then legal pages will ensure that these are in place before translations are accepted.